Case Study: 12.3M In Pipeline Value In 8 Months For A Home Renovation Company

About this case

This is how we secured 139 high-ticket home and bathroom renovation leads for a Danish home renovation company in 8 months, potentially amounting to 12.3M DKK in renovation projects. Their average renovation customer spends between 200k-400k DKK.

The potential pipeline value of 12.3M DKK is calculated by multiplying the number of qualified leads (not the total number of leads) by an average renovation value of 300k DKK per project. While some projects were of considerably higher value and others slightly lower, they still managed to secure sales from lower-ticket purchases, such as interior products, tiles, and the like.

Before working with us

Before collaborating with us, this home renovation company already had a well-established online presence in their market. They had worked with high-profile architects like Bjarke Ingels and amassed a following of over 25k on social media. However, they didn’t really know how to effectively utilize Google- or Facebook Ads for their needs and thus partnered up with us.

We took them on as a partner

After partnering, we assisted them in building a robust foundation using paid Facebook and Instagram ads. We then introduced Google Ads when it was the right moment and made strategic sense. This added a second marketing channel designed to 'pull' people in, complementing our initial 'push' strategy that showcased the company/brand to prospective clients.

The results

In the first 8 months of 2023 alone, we delivered 139 high-ticket home renovation leads with a potential pipeline value of 12.3M DKK. Additionally, we contributed over $187,000 in revenue to their online webshop, which they wanted to grow simultaneously.

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