Case Study: 24.4X ROAS In 2 Months For An Interior Store

About this case

This is how we helped an interior store with a strong physical presence achieve a 24.4x ROAS on Google Ads over July and August.

Before working with us

They had dabbled in advertising previously. However, it was a casual effort – someone had set up a few campaigns for them, but without any strategic thought or focus whatsoever. While they already had a well-established physical store, their online presence remained minimal. They recognized the need to expand their brand online, leading them to partner with us. Their past efforts in digital marketing were limited; they hadn't ventured into Facebook advertising and had only scratched the surface with basic email marketing through newsletters.

We took them on as a partner

Upon collaboration, we immediately recognized the potential, especially considering their robust physical store presence. We suggested and showed that an omni-channel approach would be key to their success. We implemented a focused strategy on Facebook and Google, whilst we also boosted their email marketing efforts, pushing beyond basic newsletters to more engaging, conversion-optimized campaigns. Given the brand's history and reputation from its physical store, we built ad campaigns that highlighted their established trust and value, ensuring the online audience felt as connected to the brand as the in-store customers did. Our dedicated approach meant diving deep into their online potential, continuously fine-tuning the campaigns for optimal results, and ensuring that every dollar spent was aimed at achieving maximum ROAS.

The results

In July and August, we achieved a 24.4x ROAS through Google Ads for this interior brand. The brand not only expanded their online presence but did so in a way that was very profitable. Our strategies, combined with their well-established physical store's trustworthiness, ensured that the interior brand now has a dominant online presence to complement their offline success.

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