Case Study: 559 High Ticket Leads In 6 Months For A Tabletop Manufacturer

About this case

This is how we secured 574 qualified high-ticket leads in 8 months for a tabletop manufacturer. A qualified lead for this business is defined as someone displaying a clear purchasing-intent behavior coupled with filling out specific lead forms on their website to request an offer.

Before working with us

Until they partnered with us, they were working with another agency responsible for their Google Ads. They weren’t entirely satisfied with this agency, as it struggled to use the allocated budget optimally and to deliver consistent results month after month.

We took them on as a partner

We stepped in and restructured their Google Ads setup in alignment with our Holistic Clientflow Framework. Upon partnering, we didn't immediately dive into their Google Ads account. Instead, we offered critical yet constructive feedback on their overall digital presence and provided tangible recommendations to enhance the user experience.

As a result, they could see even greater online success. We fine-tuned their overall strategy and lead generation approach, which led to a doubling of their leads each month. After implementing our system, not only did we help them spend their budget more effectively, but we also facilitated business growth and an unprecedented increase in lead generation. During a period where their competitors saw a decline in customers, we kept them busy.

The results

In 2023 alone we’ve helped them keep a healthy pipeline with over 559 high ticket leads booked. The company is happy with the boost in their strengthened online presence and the amount of new business generated each month. They never have to worry about where their next lead is coming from.

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